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The programme

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Action has  run a child sponsorship programme for 12 years and from the success  stories we have had, we believe it filled an important need over this  period of time.

However,  it became apparant that the system of choosing one child over another to  benefit from education was unfair, causing jelousy and ill-feeling. We  also found out that the teachers were not being properly paid again  causing bad-feeling and distress. As a charity promoting children's  education Congo Action believe that the best way to provide equality in  education for all the children was by providing the best available  teachers, facilities and equipment for the school. To this end we  decided to finish the child sponsorship scheme and replace it with an  EDUCATION SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMME where all the children at the school  would benefit.

The money raised in Education Sponsorship pays the  teachers as they are still not paid by the government, provides for  teaching equipment, replacements and repairs as well as for extreme  hardship.

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