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Fund Raising

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Kavumba School needs rebuilding!
When Kavumba School was built in 2007 wood was used but after years of attack by the climate and ants it is showing signs of serious disrepair. Our plan is to help the community build a brick school, classroom by classroom! Watch out for more details of how you can help the children of Kavumba continue to benefit from the education you with Congo Action help start.
Katie Turner visited the old Kavumba school in 2010 and has been a keen supporter of Congo Action every since. Recently she completed a 55kms walk to raise money for the new school project. Thank you Katie. Your efforts are being much appreciated!
Working Together Congo, our partner charity have reached their target and presented Congo Action with a cheque which has enabled us to reach our first target - enough to build the first of three classroom blocks of three classrooms each. Thank you.
Thank you to so many donators. Donations, big and small, keep flowing in to help us reach our target. Thank you to everyone.
Money for new school starts coming in
Stephen and Vivienne Vaudrey have kindly made a very generous grant to Congo Action to be pledged for the re-building of Kavumba school. The picture is of the old school when it was first built.
Thank you Cubs
Jo Golding and the Wateringbury cubs have raised £130.
More support
Also an anonymous donor has given us £220. We have used some of this to give the teachers of Kavumba school a well earned bonus at the end of the summer term.
Congo Action receive the donation from WTC
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