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New School Build

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Kavumba School Re-build Progresses

August 2022

Another Classroom Built
The school has become so popular that more classrooms were needed so a further one is being constructed and should be ready for the start of term.

August 2021

Directors Office Build

At last the school's director/headmaster has a brick built office as the finishing touches were added prior to the new school year.

September 2018
New Buildings In Use
We are pleased to tell you that the school building project that Congo Action and WTC (Working together Congo)  started in July 2018, has been completed on time for September, for the  start of the academic year. This summer, we added another 3 new  classrooms to the 3 already built last year: This constitutes 6  classrooms all together, representing a complete rebuilt of our Kavumba primary school, a very much needed operation due to the degradation of the original wooden school, built in 2006.
The  school has gained in popularity over the years, due to the genuine  interest and support of the village chief, the dedication of the  teachers, and the supervision done by the Catholic academic board.
In September, we had 360 children registered, as  opposed to 220 children in 2017. The head teacher said they were  inundated with demands that they could not meet! The demand for  education in remote villages continue to be high, but also the school  has been working so well, and the academic results are excellent:85% success in exams results, enabling children to move to secondary education. What a formidable encouragement for all concerned!
This  is not an ordinary school: it is more than that: it is a dream that  came about after a visit to the area, where Congo Action was working to  establish rural cooperatives and sewing workshops. This was in 2005, a  meeting with the village chief, a kind offer of a plot of land that  could be used as a building plot, a suggestion that a school was very  much needed….. they saw our visit as the foundation of hope and  opportunities for the children of the village. From then on, we felt we  had to carry on the responsibility of such a precious and well meaning  “Gift” from people who had so little, when we had so much in comparison.
It  took much determination and fund raising efforts to achieve what the  villagers expected us to achieve for their children: years of work and  chance meetings often with people who are generous of their time and  money to give, not to forget our long standing supporters who have  stayed with us after the individual sponsorship programme terminated. We  are so grateful to all of you who have contributed!
The  construction of such a building is never easy in an area where there  are no roads, but muddy tracks spoiled by heavy rains. There are very  serious transport issues, because trucks get damaged or stuck in the  process, and this often proves to be the most costly part of the  project. There was also the question of water needed for building work:  the villagers rallied around to go and get from the springs some  distance away the 1000 litres of water requested every day. The children  also joined in with the carrying of materials, bricks, wood, etc.… The  teachers volunteered at week-ends to assume the supervision of the  building materials stored on the premises… It was all achieved in a  spirit of goodwill , hard work and good humour. To summarise it all,  these are the words used by Vital Kulimushi, our Congolese co-worker who supervised the project:
“The  success of the project is due to the following factors: we had a  motivated team of skilled workers, good understanding and collaboration  between the village chief, the parents' committee, the teaching body,  and the support of the Congolese authorities to see the project coming  to fruition. We are also grateful to Congo Action and Working Together Congo for their trust and understanding when faced with real difficulties in trying to achieve the project on time.”
 And here we are to day, we have given the Kavumba village the legacy of a primary school

23 August 2018

School Building Nearing Completion
The  school building is nearing completion and will be ready for the start  of the school term in September . We have achieved our goal, which was  to build three new classrooms by the end of this summer. Thanks to all  the hard work and dedication of the team of workers that we employed,  the project has come to fruition, and the children will be very proud to  start school in such favourable conditions..... A big THANK YOU also to  all our regular supporters and generous donors who have made this work possible."

1 August 2018
Nearly there!
The school furniture is being made.

Progress  is fast because the villagers are determined to have the classrooms  ready for the next school term. As the roof is being placed on the  completed walls by the builders others are putting together the  flat-pack school desks ensuring there will be no delay once the build is  complete. Excitement is building within the comunity. Which classes  will be the first to enjoy the smell and atmosphere of the new rooms?  And who will have to remain in the old wooden ones?
Congo Action's next goal:
to raise money for the final phase of the school's rebuild.

June 2018
It's All Happening!
They are working on the foundations this week.

To  the right is a new set of photos just received from the Congo showing  the foundations for Phase 2 being laid. They are on target for opening  in September.

May 2018
Fantastic News!
Phase 2 Build Starts

We  are happy to share with you some very exciting news:  Thanks to your  donations and kind support, Congo Action is now able to go ahead with  the second phase of rebuilding the Kavumba primary school, which consists of three new brick classrooms being erected during the summer months.
Last  summer saw the completion of the first block of 3 classrooms, together  with new decks and benches, and equipment for the teachers. We are  hoping that , by the end of 2019, the project will be completed, with  the addition of another two classrooms.
This  project has been a very challenging task, due to the remote situation  of the school, and difficulties to access it (on tracks, rather than  roads).However, with your continuing support, we are determined to see  it through.
We will keep you updated on our website : and on our Facebook page.
A great " Thank you" to everyone !

Phase 2 Nearly There

Following  the fantastic work done in the summer of 2017, Congo Action is now more  and more hopeful that they will soon be in a position to continue with  the building of three more permanent classrooms by July of this year.  This new project is beeing made possible thanks to generous  donations from private individuals and grants.  We have a goal of £25000  to reach and will continue our fund raising efforts to make it happen.

Fortunately  the school is in an area where no troubles have been reported since it  was first built in 2007, and the children are keen to learn and progress  in life. Going to school gives them the structure and stability they  need, allowing them to develop the knowledge and skills to rebuild their  country.

If  you feel you wanted to contribute to make this project becoming a  reality and long lasting legacy, we would appreciate any donations, big  or small ! Thank you.

September 2017
The first 3 classrooms are in use.

Community  effort, hard work and your donations pay dividends. In just three  months the first block of brick build classrooms are complete and being  used. Congo Action have met their first target which was to complete the  first block of three permanent classrooms by September 2017. Thank you  to all our supporters and all of those who have donated to this cause  and the achievement of the first target.

Some  of the teachers gave up their summer break to give a hand to the  builders. The most difficult challenge was the transporting of materials  from the town of Bukavu to the remote village of Muganzo a journey of 2 hrs in total on very hazardous tracks due  to the lack of proper roads. The building work was actually completed  in just 70 days. We have to commend the dedication and determination of  Vital Kulimushi (Congo Action's counterpart in the DRC) for his  integrity and dedication to the task. Well done Vital, the results are  formidable, the children will be so proud when starting this month.

Two more blocks still to build so please keept the donations coming.

July 2017
Fantastic news!
Work on the school re build has started.

The whole community is on board with the project and the village Chief has provided materials such as wheelbarrows and shovels to help with work. However,  the local villagers still have to walk over two miles each day to get  the 2000 litres of water needed to make the cement!
Ten labourers were needed and school teachers have given up their summer break to assist with building work.

USaid,  a large international NGO, have agreed to build the school new,  permanent toilet blocks. This is really good news and shows confidence  in what we are doing.

The photo shows the Village Chief placing the first stone in the foundations of what will be a lasting legacy for the village.

Contributions are still needed to furnish three classrooms with books, desks and pencils.

New Buildings in Use
New toilet block construction
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