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Focus on Education

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Congo Action focuses on Education in remote rural communities, where there is a dire need for schools, of primary & secondary level. The Charity has a long proven record of encouraging programmes which are self -supporting, and have a long lasting effect on the disadvantaged people of the DRC. As well as setting up training groups in sewing workshops, in 2007, Congo Action built a primary school in South Kivu, in a remote village(named Muganzo) where children had no access to education whatsoever. The school, named “Kavumba school) was erected with the little funds that we had at the time, and involving  the village chief, the parents,& the village population as a whole. The school has been a great success, and is attended by 340 children, with equal numbers of girls and boys, and whose educational levels are recognised by the State.
Over the years, Congo Action has maintained the school and the teachers, thanks to our long standing regular sponsors, and through our own fund raising activities. It has become more and more apparent that due to its great success, the school buildings were now inadequate in size, and needed to be replaced by a more permanent structure. Some two years ago, we set ourselves the aim of building a new school, one made of bricks and mortar, rather than the now precarious wooden classrooms.
Our aspiration is closer to reality, thanks to a generous four figure donation from our partner Charity, WTCongo, (Working Together Congo), and not forgetting other donations received from our loyal and regular sponsors.  
Thanks to all concerned, one block of the “Kavumba”school can now be started, and building will continue over the summer holidays. This will mean 3 permanent classrooms, complete with equipment.
Funds are still needed to build two more blocks, and complete the project. We are confident that we can, and will leave the children of Muganzo village a permanent legacy, which they very much deserve and will value for a long time to come.
The new Kavumba School in 2007
The ravages of time...
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