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Supporting us
You would like to support the work of  CongoAction?

How wonderful and thank you!

There are many ways one can help.

  • Donation.    Perhaps you are able to give us a donation. Any amount, however small, would be gratefully accepted.

  • Sponsorship.   Maybe you would like to become a sponsor. Please visit our sponsor pages to see how our programmes work.

  • Volunteer.   Join our happy band of volunteers. I am sure there will be a role for you whether your forte is in administration, finance or fund raising. Or perhaps you have artistic talents and could help in presentation. An ideas person. There is a place for all.

  • Raise funds for us.   Use CongoAction as your named charity when you are striving to achieve a personal goal or simply doing something for fun. Clilck here for a copy of an event sponsorship form.

  • Organise an event on our behalf.  Perhaps you live a long way from Kent but still would like to help the people of the Congo. We will support you all we can.

  • Charity of the Year. Name CongoAction as your charity for the year. We would be happy to add your logo on our supporters page.

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