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Health fund

How we help
Health is an everyday preoccupation in the DRC and being able or not to get medical care is of vital importance to the villagers.

In 2012 Congo Action gave $850 to the three groups towards their health funds and continued to finance this until 2015. The group now is self-supporting with group members each paying a small contribution every month. This enables them to claim from the fund in case of accidents or medical needs.

Congo Action is proud that they were involved in the setting up of such a valuable enterprise. We know that lives have been saved because of the funds existence.

                  “I went to hospital 3 times due to severe malaria. Without the health funds I would not have been able to be treated and would not be here now.”
“I had a serious accident whilst walking back from the market. I had to go to hospital and thanks to the funds provided, I was able to be treated straight away. I was risking loosing my legs but thanks to the funds, I had an operation followed by physio, and I am now able to walk again.”.
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